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What was the first character you created-
The first character I ever created was Koezay. I was with :iconkikiandzoejay: and she was like, "Hey, do you want to make a wolf for a wolf pack." I didn't know what to name her so Kiki suggested Koezay, that's why they're names are similar.

Which out if your characters are you more like- 
Koezay, she actually was supposed to represent me. But now I'm trying to seperate her from me. She is part of her own story and I don't want it to be confusing. So I'm making a character to fully represent me.

Which characters do you dislike?- 
Uhhh....I think I dislike Desert or Teska the most because I never use them.

Hmm I didn't plan many questions so.. what's their catch phrase?- 
Hmm, I think if any of my characters would have a catch phrase it would be Koezay and she would say "coolio"

What's your favorite element?-
I like Earth and Fire. Earth because...I love Earth. I like fire because it always feels like there is a fire burning inside me, in a good way.

Can you describe yourself in one word- 

Insanity. Can you describe your own definition?- 
Being lost within yourself. Not being able to seperate your mind from reality. 

How would you want to die and when?- 
Uhh...I don't like to think about it, and I don't want to die. But I would would want it to be calm and when I have completed my goals in life.

What are you obsessed with and why?-
I think I'm officially obsessed with Steven Universe. I was at otakon and I got the most buttons out of the group and only two of them are not Steven Universe, I also got two prints. I love Steven Universe because of everything, from the colors and background to the characters and the plot.

How often do you get depressed?-
Hmm, once in awhile. When I do, it's harsh sobbing, but its very short lived. I try to stay positive because shit happens.

Would you rather get attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?- 
Bees. Bee stings don't hurt me that badly, I can handle it. Even if they would hurt a lot and so many, I think it would be much better then possibly getting slashed by a bear. 

Is it okay or guys to wear pink?-
YES. DO WHAT YOU WANT AND LIKE. ITS YOUR LIFE NOT MINE. I also encourage it because I hope that one day color won't represent gender or have stereotypical meanings.

What's stressful to you? and don't say "Life".-
People and when I realize how messed up the world is and how it can and probably get worse. Bite Lip - Tube Project Entry Sad dummy 

Do you know what ";" actually means?- 
It's a semicolon, its similar to a comma. But a comma is used with connecting words while a semicolon doesn't. (Such as: "I hugged a kitten, and it meowed." vs "I hugged a kitten; it meowed." ) This doesn't mean I actually use it correctly. :/ :V

14 facts about me.
1. I seriously need to actually upload more art.
2. I just recently got a Tumblr,
3. I need to go to sleep because I have my second week of horse camp tomorrow.
4. I tend to know and like some videogames, even if I never play them, because I enjoy watching and following the plot. I also like to try and help by pointing things out they may have been missed.
5. I cosplayed as Lapis Lazuli at Otakon this year. (I will post pictures.) I also want to imporve my Lapis for next year and possibly make a Journey cosplay.
6. I can't whistle. I Cant Whistle 
7. I like waking up early, but my body always tells me to shut up and go back to sleep.
8. I like to eat crabs, tomatoes, corn, and chicken noodle soup and pickles with potato chips...
10. I'm a double AA battery. Aromantic Asexual Stamp by AccursedRainbow
11. I don't like pretzels, ginger, or cinnamon.
12. I'm short, like 5'2" or something... I need to measure myself. My younger sister is going to out grow me, dangit.
13. I don't know what else to say soooo... I weigh 90 pounds.
14. I like food.
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United States

Hi, Im RedFox199. I like Steven Universe and Mine

Thank You All, That Have Given Me Badges or Have Favorited My Art! :hug: :heart: It Means A LOT to Me!


Old Zoejay and Koezay Moirail Icon Piece 2 by KIKIandZOEJAYOld Zoejay and Koezay Moirail Icon Piece 1 by KIKIandZOEJAY
Four Head Bob Icons by KIKIandZOEJAY

chevelle stamp by josephhaubertOffspring lovin by CrazdudeB52's stamp by sandwedgeAre we not Men? Devo Stamp by Chukkzthe white stripes stamp by deadxfishBeck Stamp by WolfLink64Disturbed Stamp by MajinPatGodsmack Stamp by darkdisciple-stampsCAKE stamp by iFoxehGorillaz stamp by VeggieBaka-ChanDinosaur Pile-Up Stamp by RedFox199the Prodigy stamp by DeviantSithCustom Mute Math Stamp by RaephenWell by cakeunsFinger Eleven by SpitFire19erAdrenaline stamp by RedFox199

My Main Characters:

glitter maker
The wolf

glitter maker
The Monster
The Meerkat

glitter maker
The Alien
The Cat
The Thylacine
The Enderman

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